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Carol has over 25 years of experience in the veterinary field, and she is our primary surgical nurse. She specially enjoys animal dentistry and caring for special needs kitties!
Carol and Dr Godlewski first met over 12 years ago while Dr G was doing relief work at Middleburg Animal Hospital. When that practice closed Carol sought out Dr G to see if she needed any help and of course the answer was yes!

Carol has a BA in Psychology and a lifelong passion for animals. She has a big heart for abandoned animals and plays an active role with the Middleburg Humane Foundation. In addition she is and avid equestrian and accomplished horse rider. She shares her home with 4 beautiful horses and 3 personality filled cats!

Her talents don’t stop there! She also has a great interest in horticulture and has grown many prize-winning daffodils over the years!
Rest assured if your pet is undergoing surgery or having a dental cleaning, that Dr Godlewski will be assisted with an experienced and talented nurse.

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Veterinary Nurse

Rhona has become known as Lansdowne Animal Hospital’s “Cat Whisperer.” A cat lover for her entire life, Rhona has studied feline behavior and appreciates each cat’s distinctive character. In the exam rooms, Rhona can sense when a cat is nervous or irritated, and she takes time to calm her feline patient and reduce their stress. Many hospital clients are pleasantly surprised at how well their cats handle their hospital experience, and Rhona is happy she can help her clients’ beloved feline pets!

Rhona had a rather unconventional childhood, growing up in South Africa and living with dogs, cats, rodents, and birds. She was accustomed to seeing wildlife near her home, but she didn’t encounter lions or other predators. While Rhona loved caring for her animals, she wasn’t aware she could build a career around her passion. Instead, Rhona entered the banking field, although she knew that working in the financial sector wasn’t right for her.

After Rhona moved to the United Kingdom, she continued to dislike financial work, and gladly left that profession when she discovered veterinary nursing, also called veterinary technician work. Determined to improve her animal care skills, Rhona enrolled in veterinary nursing classes while working for a large charity hospital for 10 years. Next, Rhona pursued relief veterinary nursing work for two years, gaining valuable experience in general animal care and surgery.

Rhona came to Lansdowne Animal Hospital via an international path. A few years ago, Rhona’s husband changed jobs, and the couple moved to the United States with their five cats. After they settled in Virginia, Rhona scheduled a feline dental cleaning at Lansdowne Animal Hospital, where she and Dr. G enjoyed a pleasant chat while finalizing the procedure’s details. Dr. G was surprised to learn about Rhona’s veterinary nurse qualifications, and gladly called Rhona when a veterinary technician position became available.

Rhona enjoys great variety in her day-to-day veterinary hospital work. She often greets hospital clients and patients when they arrive for their appointments. Rhona also enjoys educating clients about their pet’s dietary or behavioral issues. Sometime during the day, Rhona might put on her veterinary technician hat, completing preliminary patient exams and assisting with surgery.
Rhona especially likes focusing on geriatric pets, and wants to keep her senior patients comfortable and calm during their hospital visit.

Throughout Rhona’s veterinary hospital work, one special pet has taught her valuable lessons in patience and perseverance. Angus, a standard longhaired dachshund, had some spinal problems that required surgery. Rhona nursed him constantly during his three-month recovery, and she was able to adopt Angus when his owner’s circumstances changed. Rhona continued to provide Angus with lots of physical therapy and hydrotherapy, and this spunky little guy eventually regained his mobility. Rhona is grateful she could share her life with this sweet, loving dog with his “can do” spirit.

Rhona’s feline-friendly home plays host to four inquisitive cats. Pan and Thai, two black domestic shorthairs, are typical independent cats who spend their time exploring the neighborhood. They do, however, return to the house for meals. Fleur, who has been with Rhona since she was two days old, is a delightfully playful cat who loves to converse with Rhona. Dack, Rhona’s oldest kitty, came to Rhona’s home as a stray many years ago. While Dack only has one eye, he easily locates Rhona and curls up with her each night. Finally, Rhona enjoys Milton, her beautiful Percheron X Quarterhorse, visiting her appreciative equine friend whenever possible.

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Jeanne’s passion for client education paved the way for her veterinary hospital career. After attending college, Jeanne took some time to evaluate her career options. A lifetime horse and pony lover, Jeanne discovered a school where she could learn to train horses and teach riding students. After acquiring teaching skills, Jeanne trained riding ponies at a petting farm, and she presented animal educational shows to fascinated children and their parents. While Jeanne loved her work, she felt the veterinary field offered more chances for client education. At Lansdowne Animal Hospital, Jeanne happily shares her pet health care knowledge with loving pet owners who want their treasured pets to have the healthiest life possible!

Jeanne spent her childhood in a northern Virginia wooded setting, where it was not unusual to find a snake in the basement or a flying squirrel living in the attic. Growing up with her parents, two brothers, and one sister, Jeanne loved her menagerie of pets. In addition to Tess the standard poodle, and resident felines Chester and Little Cat, Jeanne’s house was home to varied guinea pigs, rats, lizards, and fish.

When Jeanne was six years old, she was bitten by the pony bug, very likely from her summer camp horseback riding trips. After years of riding lessons, Jeanne finally got her pony. When Jeanne turned 16, she moved to Seattle with her mother and Little Cat; and Jeanne found Rosie, her treasured Boston terrier. After graduating from high school, Jeanne attended the American University in Paris, and then enrolled at St. Louis’ Washington University, studying art history.

After Jeanne decided to enter the veterinary medicine field, she found an opportunity at Lansdowne Animal Hospital. Since January 2014, Jeanne has been an enthusiastic veterinary team member who assists with front desk duties and also performs veterinary technician work. On any given day, Jeanne greets clients, performs lab and x-ray work, and helps prepare for the veterinarian’s surgeries. Jeanne receives a great deal of satisfaction from helping to make each pet’s hospital visit more pleasant.

After each day, Jeanne returns to the farm she shares with her boyfriend, the couple’s young daughter, and his two children. Jeanne loves cultivating her vegetable garden and preparing fresh meals from the garden’s produce. Drawing on her educational show experiences, Jeanne takes every opportunity to perform on stage.

Jeanne’s three happy cats, Bogeira, Charlie, and Morpheus, absolutely love their farm life. Sugar and Spice, Jeanne’s young bull mastiffs, thrive on taking care of the farm and keeping predators away from the other animals. Rosie the Boston terrier is now 14 years old; and while she has some limitations, she loves to explore and cuddle in Jeanne’s arms. Jeanne has also embraced the world of reptile pets, acquiring Dova the bearded dragon, Princess Snowflake the carpet python, and Kitty the African sideneck turtle.

Jeanne and her boyfriend also care for several farm animals. Each day, Jeanne makes her rounds to Cody, a pony from her petting farm job, four milk goats, and egg-laying chickens and ducks. One-eyed Jack, a feisty rescue bantam hen with a single eye, is like an avian den mother, dedicated to hatching and protecting her many little chicks.

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Carla is our newest addition to our careteam! She is a native Virginian and comes to us with years of customer service experience. Although she is new to the veterinary field, she has always been an avid animal lover. Her passions are her family,(fur babies included!), crafting, and gardening. Prior to coming to LAH, Carla crafted and sold on eBay for 5 years. She enjoys making rag dolls and anything primitive. Her love of antiques inspired her to create old fashioned items using coffee staining techniques.
Carla loves getting to know new people. The combination of customer service experience and her love of animals made her the perfect addition to our team. She has a genuine care and concern for people and animals.

Carla has one cat, Benny and three dogs – Bear, Penny and Diamond. Benny the cat, who thinks he is a dog, was a stray. He loves hanging out with the dogs and although at times can be wild and crazy, mainly enjoys lying in the middle of their chaos when not sunbathing in the window. Stop in and say hello and help us welcome her to our team here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital.

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