Nutrition & Weight Management

“No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.” ~ Maimonides

Diet and exercise are two critical components of overall good health, and they are just as important to your animal friend as they are to you. The right nutritional balance and a healthy weight can extend your pet’s life, and improve the quality of that life exponentially.

The problem is, with so many different food options available, how can you know if what you’re feeding your pet is really meeting his or her nutritional needs? What about weight? What is the right range for your particular pet?

If you find yourself struggling with the answers to these questions, you’re certainly not alone. More importantly, we can help! The professional nutritional counseling and weight management services at Lansdowne Animal Hospital will point you in the right direction and place your pet on the path to optimum health.

We will begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your pet to determine what his or her unique nutritional needs are. Every pet is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We will examine your pet and take into consideration a number of determining factors, such as current weight, breed, age and whether or not there are any existing medical conditions that we must account for. Once we’ve conducted our evaluation, we will then develop a customized diet recommendation. We’ll also advise you on how much and how often you should be feeding your pet.

Next, we’ll delve into the topic of weight control. Again, every pet is different and what’s right for one may be completely different for another. Weight control is important because companion animals that weigh too much or don’t weigh enough can be at a much greater risk of illness or injury. If your pet is overweight, we will work on a plan for exercise and lower calorie intake to bring them down to a more healthy weight. Likewise, if your loved one happens to be a bit underweight, we’ll develop a strategy for adding the pounds necessary to keep them happier and healthier.

Finally, we will continue to monitor your pet’s progress over time. As companion animals age, their health care needs change. We will reexamine our approach at certain intervals during your pet’s lifetime to make sure we are still achieving the desired results and make any necessary adjustments as needed.

You love your pet and want to see that little guy or gal live as long, healthy and happy a life as possible. It starts with a foundation of good nutrition and a healthy weight. Let’s work together to help bring out the very best in your four-legged friend.