Wellness & Vaccinations

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What is your ultimate goal as a pet parent? For most of us, it’s keeping our four-legged family members as happy and healthy as we can for as many years as possible.

As much as we all wish they’d live forever, the fact is, companion animals have much shorter lifespans than humans do. Because of this, it’s up to us – as their loving owners and dedicated health care providers – to do whatever it takes to extend and improve the quality of the precious time they share with us.

The best way to achieve this goal is by making a commitment to wellness care.

When you bring your pet in to be examined at least once a year, you provide our doctors with the opportunity to manage their current health, take preventative measures to protect against illness and identify potential health concerns before they develop into a more serious and costly problem. Disease prevention and early detection can add years to your loved one’s life, something we all want for our precious pets.

The wellness care provided at Lansdowne Animal Hospital is designed to support your pet’s specific life-stage needs with each and every visit – whether it’s a first round of vaccinations for your new puppy or kitten, health screening and ongoing health management for your adult dog or cat, or specialized care for your senior pet. We customize our approach to ensure that your loved one always receives the most precise and effective care possible with each and every visit.

As part of our emphasis on wellness care and preventative medicine, we recommend that your pet come in at least once a year (more frequently for some animals). During these annual or semi-annual visits, the doctor will examine your pet from nose to tail, checking to make sure that every part of your companion’s body is working just as it should be.

During a routine wellness visit, the vet will check the following:

Beyond the external physical exam, we may also recommend certain routine diagnostic tests, such as blood work and urinalysis, to help us further evaluate your loved one’s overall health.

Our wellness exams provide a clear snapshot of your pet’s current health, which we can then use as a guideline for future visits. When we are able to establish what’s “normal” for your animal friend, we are better able to quickly and accurately identify any changes to this baseline as they occur. By identifying potential health concerns right away, we can address them in a manner that will provide your pet with the best possible outcome.

A number of important preventative measures are also taken as part of our comprehensive wellness care services. For instance, we will develop a customized vaccination plan to help protect your pet against many of the dangers and risks he or she will encounter throughout his or her lifetime. We will also discuss parasite prevention and control, nutrition and weight management, behavior and anything else you or the doctor deem to be important in keeping your furbaby happy and healthy.

Last, but certainly not least, regular wellness visits allow all of us at Lansdowne Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet better. We firmly believe that the more we come to know you and understand the unique needs of your furry friend, the better the care we will be able to provide throughout his or her lifetime. We encourage you to use these visits as an opportunity to ask questions or voice any concerns you may have so that we may discuss them further. The more we work together as a team, the better the chances of a long, happy and healthy life for your pet.

Give us a call today to schedule your loved one’s next wellness visit.