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Fun Ways to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

June 1, 2014

Sometimes, it’s just easier to stay indoors to have your pet exercise—it may be scorching outside, or raining. Luckily, there are several fun ways to get your pet active while staying inside. Your Lansdowne vet lists a few popular ones here:

Use the Staircase

Most homes come with a built-in exercise machine: the stairs! Take one of your pet’s favorite toys and stand at the top of the staircase. Call your pet to you, encouraging her to run up the stairs for her reward. Switch sides and repeat. It’ll give your pet great exercise, and the uphill climb will exercise muscles that aren’t usually used.

Use the Hallway

Move all breakable items out of your hallway and use it as a makeshift dog run. Stand at one end with your dog, then toss a chew toy down the hall. Your pet will go running after it and bring it back, just as though you were out in the yard. Stop once your pet looks winded or exhausted and let her rest.

Play Games

If you have the space in a basement or back room, try playing classic games like tug-of-war and fetch. They’re more than just great fun for your pet—the physical activity involved will do your pet a world of good! Just make sure the toys you use won’t break apart, allowing a pet to choke.

Obstacle Course

Get your family involved and set up a homemade pet obstacle course using various household items. Couch cushions, blankets, pillows, rugs, chairs, and footrests can work well. Once the course is set up, try using treats or toys to entice your pet into climbing around and finding her way to the reward. It’ll provide great mental stimulation as well as good physical activity.

Laser Light

Many pets, especially cats, will go wild chasing a laser light that you shine on the wall or floor. These are available at many pet supply stores, and usually shine a light in the shape of an insect, small bird, or rodent. Remember to avoid shining the light in your pet’s eyes, though.

Your Lansdowne veterinarian may have other great ideas for indoor exercise— call today  to discover more easy ways to exercise your pet without enduring the harsh outdoors!