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Customer Service Representative

Carla is a native Virginian, and has adored animals ever since her earliest memories. Her lifelong passion for pets, coupled with her years of experience in the customer-service world, makes her work here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital the perfect fit! Carla is proud to serve as a member of the clinic’s talented front-desk team.

Carla has been a part of the Lansdowne Animal Hospital family since February of 2015. She’s often the first friendly face you’ll see here at the clinic—you’re bound to have a few laughs with her during your visit!

In her time away from the office, Carla enjoys crafting, gardening (she’s especially proud of her beautiful peonies), antiquing, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has three dogs—Annie, Diamond, and Penny—as well as a pair of cats, Benny and Bunny, and several fish.

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Carol has over 25 years of experience in the veterinary field, and she is our primary surgical nurse. She specially enjoys animal dentistry and caring for special needs kitties!
Carol and Dr Godlewski first met over 12 years ago while Dr G was doing relief work at Middleburg Animal Hospital. When that practice closed Carol sought out Dr G to see if she needed any help and of course the answer was yes!

Carol has a BA in Psychology and a lifelong passion for animals. She has a big heart for abandoned animals and plays an active role with the Middleburg Humane Foundation. In addition she is and avid equestrian and accomplished horse rider. She shares her home with 4 beautiful horses and 3 personality filled cats!

Her talents don’t stop there! She also has a great interest in horticulture and has grown many prize-winning daffodils over the years!
Rest assured if your pet is undergoing surgery or having a dental cleaning, that Dr Godlewski will be assisted with an experienced and talented nurse.

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Veterinary Technician

Rhona is originally from South Africa, where she grew up with everything from dogs and cats to rabbits and rats. Although she didn’t know it at the time, her early experiences around animals would make a permanent impression! Now, Rhona has been a veterinary professional for many years and is happy to continue her journey as a member of the Lansdowne Animal Hospital family.

Rhona’s animal-care adventure began shortly after she moved to the United Kingdom; she left her position in the financial field upon learning about the veterinary technology world, and hasn’t looked back since. To improve her skills in the pet-care field, Rhona gained her veterinary nursing qualifications while working for a large charity hospital for 10 fulfilling years. Next, she pursued relief veterinary nursing work for two years, gaining invaluable experience in general animal care and surgery.

When Rhona moved to the United States because of her husband’s career, she settled with her family in Virginia. It wasn’t long before she had scheduled an appointment for her own cat right here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital—after a discussion with one of the clinic’s veterinarians, Rhona jumped at the chance to join the team after a position opened! She’s been here ever since. Rhona especially likes client education, geriatric pet care, and feline medicine; she’s affectionately known as Lansdowne Animal Hospital’s “cat whisperer!”

Outside of work, Rhona enjoys riding her beloved Percheron/Quarter Horse, Milton, and spending time with her house pets. Her feline-friendly home plays host to three inquisitive cats: Pan, Thai, and Fleur.

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Licensed Veterinary Technician

Before settling in Virginia and launching her veterinary career, Amanda traveled the world with her family as a “military brat.” One of her hobbies throughout her travels was visiting various zoos in the different countries she lived in—that helped spark a desire to help animals that hasn’t wavered since! Amanda now serves as Lansdowne Animal Hospital’s Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Amanda graduated from Northern Virginia Community College’s veterinary technology program in 2012 to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She was thrilled to join the Lansdowne Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2017; Amanda has special interests in preventative medicine and dental radiographs, and she loves to discuss puppy-care basics with new dog owners.

During Amanda’s time away from the hospital, she enjoys indulging in the fantasy world of Legend of Zelda, or enjoying a board game. She lives locally with her husband and a variety of pets—Amanda has two birds, three cats, a pair of dogs, and an iguana!

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Veterinary Assistant

Kristen’s father worked as a K9 police officer, so she grew up surrounded by dogs. She especially loved when her dad would take her along to work to show her the ropes! Ever since she was a little girl, Kristen knew that she too would one day work hands-on with the earth’s creatures. She’s proud to now serve as a member of Lansdowne Animal Hospital’s skilled care team.

Kristen has worked in the field of veterinary medicine ever since she was 17 years old—she hasn’t regretted a single moment since. She was thrilled to accept a position here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital in April of 2018, and is currently enrolled in school to study veterinary technology. In the near future, Kristen will be a Licensed Veterinary Technician!

When she isn’t studying or helping the area’s pets to live happier, healthier lives here at the clinic, Kristen can be found spending quality time with family and snuggling with her own animal companions at home in Leesburg. She shares her life with a Beagle named Khaleesi, Oliver the Shih Tzu, and a spunky leopard gecko named Nugget.

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