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Caring For A Diabetic Cat

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in America. The disease affects about one in ten, with roughly a fifth of those being unaware of their condition. While diabetes isn’t as common in cats, it’s by no means unheard…

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Black Dog Day

Today, October 1st, is Black Dog Day! This awareness event is definitely much needed. Like black cats, black dogs been associated with various urban myths and superstitions, and often have a hard time getting adopted. There’s even a name for…

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Keeping Your Cat Happy

September is Happy Cat Month! We want all of our furry patients to be both happy and healthy. Of course, kitties can be rather complicated on this accord. Fluffy may be purring and cuddly one minute, only to scratch you…

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Fun Facts About Yorkies

Today, August 1st, is Yorkie Day! These cute pups are small, but they have big personalities. A local Ashburn, VA vet lists some fun things about these little guys below. Toto-lly Awesome Fido may have been the role model for…

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And Meow, A Word About Cat Toys

Does your kitty sometimes ignore the expensive new toy you just got her, and bat a bottlecap around the kitchen instead? Fluffy definitely has very interesting taste when it comes to playthings. While choosing your cat’s toys isn’t exactly rocket…

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Dog with black fur lying down on the floor

Heartworms 101

Did you know that heartworms are one of the deadliest parasites your beloved pet is susceptible to? Heartworm infestations aren’t visible to the naked eye, and they’re completely asymptomatic at first. However, as the infestation progresses, the worms will begin…

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Gardening With Fluffy

Our feline buddies are very curious about things. They’re also quite nosy, and love to watch their humans doing, well, everything. Those of you who enjoy gardening may find yourselves with a small, furry supervisor. A local Leesburg, VA vet…

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Keeping Your Dog Active

April is Active Dog Month. It’s very important for Fido to get regular physical activity. This will help keep his muscles fit and strong, and will generally just help keep him healthy and happy. However, doggy workouts are definitely not…

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Purrfect Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Cat

March is Adopt A Rescued Cat Month! Of course, there’s no bad time to bring an adorable new kitty into your life. If you are considering getting a pet, a rescued kitty may be a purrfect option! A local Ashburn,…

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