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Taking Your Cat on a Roadtrip

September 1, 2014

Your unsuspecting cat Maxine is about to embark on a weeklong vacation with your family. Since Maxine has only traveled to her veterinarian visits, you think she’ll be a bit puzzled by this routine change. You plan to keep Maxine settled by packing her favorite creature comforts. You’ll also ask your Leesburg veterinarian for advice on making Maxine’s vacation a positive experience for everyone.

Collar, Tags, and Microchip

Cats are notorious escape artists, and Maxine could potentially leap out of the car while she’s stretching her legs. Make sure Maxine wears her collar with its updated vaccination tags, and include your cell phone contact information. Just in case she ditches the collar, get Maxine an invisible microchip. Provide the registration service with your vacation contact information, and remember to change it once you return home.

Home Away From Home

Maxine will have a more comfortable trip in her friendly little travel crate. Clean and sanitize your kitty’s traveling hotel room, and place her favorite blanket inside with the door open. Give her a couple of days to visit her crate before you leave.

Familiar Food and Water

For your family’s sake, along with Maxine’s comfort, don’t change your cat’s food before or during your vacation. You don’t want to deal with her gastrointestinal system upset while you’re enjoying the breathtaking scenery around you. Pack Maxine’s familiar water bowl, and make sure she has plenty of nice clean water.

Toys, Treats, and Litter

Like any well-adjusted feline, Maxine thinks life is better with cat toys, so pack a nice variety in her travel bag. If Maxine’s diet includes treats, pack a good supply, but remember that moderation is key to avoiding GI system upsets. She’ll also need a spic-and-span litter pan, scoop, and plenty of well-secured fresh litter.

Vital Medications

Maxine needs to keep taking her medications during her road trip. Ask your vet to provide a sufficient supply for the vacation, along with some extras to replace the pills Maxine spits out. If you think Maxine might become anxious underway, ask your vet about providing her with a calming medication.

Traveling Veterinary Care

Ask your Leesburg vet’s staff to provide you with a list of veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals along your route. Obtain a copy of Maxine’s treatment records so an attending veterinarian can eliminate lots of guesswork.

While you’re traveling, keep Maxine in her crate so she’s not leaping across laps and potentially causing an accident. Once you’ve stopped, and everyone exits your car, let Maxine stretch, drink some water, and use her litter box. When you arrive at your next destination, everyone (including Maxine) will be in a better frame of mind.