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My Cat is a Champion Counter Climber

November 15, 2014

Your sweet cat Missy has always been such an angel. Missy is fastidious in her litter box habits, and she eats her kibbles without a word of complaint. Missy even tolerates your dog Moose, who is pretty annoying on his best days. However, Missy has recently developed an unacceptable habit: she hops on your kitchen counters in search of food. While this probably sounds cute, Missy uses those same little feet to scratch in her litter box several times a day. Since this behavior is clearly unacceptable, you’ve asked your Leesburg veterinarian to get Missy off the counters…and fast. Read more about three strategies that are also worth a try.

Get Your Climbing Cat’s Attention

First, make Missy’s counter-hopping adventures as miserable as possible. Once you determine her favorite counter landing spot, place several lightweight baking sheets at that exact location. Imagine Missy’s shock when she hops on the counters and the baking sheets scatter onto the floor. She’ll probably hop down and run for cover, which is exactly what you want. Hopefully she’ll learn her lesson after one unpleasant episode, but be ready to repeat the exercise if necessary.

Reduce Your Ravenous Cat’s Hunger

Maybe you’ve recently switched Missy’s diet and/or feeding schedule, and she thinks she’s been placed on a starvation diet. Simply put, Missy is desperate for foot, and she’ll even climb the counters to get it. To address Missy’s hunger, ask your vet if your cat can eat several small meals each day, rather than gobbling down one big meal and being hungry for hours. Or, since Missy has been a normal weight for her entire adult life, ask if your furry feline can have free access to her food. Regardless of the option you choose, don’t tempt Missy by leaving food on the countertops.

Develop a Better Climbing Destination

Since Missy likes to climb, give her a better climbing destination: a multilevel cat tower covered by claw-friendly carpet. Give Missy a few comfy platforms where she can stretch out in style, and remember to include some sleeping cubbyholes. Or, if Missy prefers to stalk birds from the window sill, fasten a comfy cat shelf to her preferred perch.

Once your Leesburg vet short-circuits Missy’s compulsive counter hopping, your kitchen counters will return to their normal function… instead of serving as feline exercise equipment.