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Autumn Care for Dogs

October 15, 2015

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves, crisp cool air, and seasonal trappings all have a certain whimsical charm. For dogs, fall does bring some seasonal risks. You’ll also need to make sure Fido is ready for winter. An Ashburn veterinarian lists some autumn care tips for dogs in this article.


Weather can change very quickly in autumn. Puppies, senior dogs, and dogs with weakened immune system are all very sensitive to extreme or fluctuating weather. If Fido is one of these, keep him inside as much as possible when it starts getting cold, and on days when the thermometer just can’t seem to make up its mind.


Make sure Fido has a nice, comfy bed to curl up in for naps. Senior dogs, skinny dogs, and dogs with thin coats, may appreciate heated or orthopedic beds.


Halloween brings a few specific risks for Fido. Not only is candy very toxic to him, but he could also get into trouble if he tries to eat seasonal decorations! If you get a lot of trick or treaters, you may want to keep your pooch comfy and cozy in a back room during the peak candy handout times.


If your dog has thin fur, he may need some extra protection from that cold winter air. Check Fido’s winter wardrobe and make sure everything is clean and in good condition, and still fits.


Pesticides, herbicide, fertilizers, and insecticides are all very, very dangerous for Fido. Your canine pal could get sick just by licking his paws after walking through freshly-treated grass! Antifreeze is also very toxic, and is especially dangerous because many dogs like the taste of it. Be sure to mop up any spills immediately, and cover damp stains with kitty litter or sand.


As the temperature cools, many snakes start looking for spots to hibernate in. Snakes tend to get a bit cranky around hibernation time, and are more likely to bite. Keep Fido away from any piles of wood or debris that look like tempting snake habitats.


If Fido has a doghouse, take time to give it a good cleaning before winter. Make sure it is well-insulated, and that the door faces away from prevailing winds.

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