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Kittenproofing Tips

February 15, 2016

Are you bringing a new kitten into your home? Congratulations! We love seeing kittens going to great forever homes. As you start out on this wonderful journey of companionship with your new pet, you’re going to have to take a few precautions to keep your frisky little furball safe. Kittens are basically adorable, furry little bundles of mischief, and they have quite a knack for getting themselves into trouble! Therefore, a bit of kittenproofing is in order. A local Leesburg, VA offers some kittenproofing tips below.

Dangly Things

Kittens love to bat at hanging things. Be sure to secure or protect any wires and cords. Your pet could easily get tangled up in a drape cord. Little Fluffy could also seriously hurt herself, or even start a fire, by chewing a live wire. If you have wand toys with strings on them, don’t leave them lying around: put them away when you’re not playing with your kitten.

Small Things

Your kitten may try to eat small items. This is a serious choking risk! Keep buttons, pen caps, and other small items away from those cute little paws.


Plastic is very dangerous for kitties, as it can choke or entangle them. Secure plastic grocery bags, and be sure to throw away any wrappers. You’ll also want to cut up plastic rings that hold beverages together.

Tempting Spaces

Your furry little wanderer is going to want to explore every bit of her new home, and will investigate anything and everything she can fit into. Keep major appliances, like washers, dryers, and toilets, closed. When you are using them, keep an eye on little Fluffy, to be sure she doesn’t hop in.


Many common household items are poisonous to kittens. Keep any medicines safely stored in cabinets. This also applies to household and automotive chemicals, such as cleaning agents, automotive products, and lawn and garden treatments.


Make sure your home only contains plants that are safe for your tiny feline friend. You can check the ASPCA site for a full directory of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Doors and Windows

Never underestimate a kitten’s capacity for mischief! Make sure that your screens and windows close and latch securely, so little Fluffy can’t accidentally get outside.

Does your kitten need shots or an exam? Is little Fluffy ready for spay/neuter surgery? Call us, you Leesburg, VA animal hospital, anytime.