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Helping Your New Cat Settle In

August 1, 2016

Have you recently adopted a new kitty? Good for you! You’re starting out on a wonderful journey of friendship with your new feline friend. Of course, first impressions are a very big deal to cats. Those first 30 days are very important! Below, a Leesburg, VA vet offers advice on helping your kitty settle in.


Before you bring Fluffy home, you’ll need to get the necessary supplies. Your cat will need bedding, toys, a litterbox and litter, dishes, food, and a carrier. Put all of these things in a quiet room, such as a guest room. Be sure to remove potential hazards, like toxic plants, small items, cords and wires, and plastic bags. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

Veterinary Care

Contact your vet, and make appointments for any veterinary care Fluffy needs. Kitties should have vaccines, a microchip, spay/neuter surgery, and parasite control. Even if all of this has been done, your furball will also need exams and wellness care going forward.


If you can find out what Fluffy has been eating, get that same brand for now. You should make dietary changes slowly, and only after speaking to your vet.

Safe Haven

When you bring Fluffy home, keep her in that quiet back room for at least a day or two. Change is very stressful for kitties, so it’s important for your feline buddy to have a safe, comfy place to adjust to her new home. Kittens sleep a lot, so if you get a baby cat, don’t be surprised if she spends a lot of her time napping. Pets that have just come from shelters also tend to sleep a lot. If you have other pets, ask your vet for advice on making introductions.

Let Love Grown

Don’t force attention on your new cat: let her come to you when she wants to be petted. Of course, our feline friends all have their own personalities. A friendly, affectionate furball may immediately hop into your lap, while a shy, more aloof cat will need time to get to know you. Give Fluffy time to settle in. Offer her plenty of toys, treats, and compliments, talk to her, and play with her every day.

Does your cat need vaccines or an exam? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your Leesburg, VA veterinary clinic, we are always here to help.