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Things We Can Learn From Cats

October 1, 2016

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at you with a smug, all-knowing expression on her furry face? Kitties certainly seem to have a unique outlook on life. As far as Fluffy is concerned, naps and sunbathing are top priorities! In fact, we may be able to learn a few things from our feline friends. A local Leesburg, VA vet offers some kitty wisdom below.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If cats had just one golden rule to live by, we’re pretty sure this would be it. Our sleepy feline friends can spend up to 20 hours a day napping! While that may be a bit excessive, it is important to make sure you are getting enough rest.

Look Your Best

Fluffy will take time every day to groom herself, and keep her fur looking neat and clean. Always put your best foot forward!

Enjoy The Sunshine

Many of our feline friends have a hard time resisting sprawling out in a patch of morning sun. We’re pretty sure that kitties don’t actually run on solar power, and that they just really enjoy sunbathing. Take time to enjoy the sunlight now and then.

Speak Your Mind

Kitties can be very opinionated and outspoken little furballs. Your pet may not hesitate to tell you when it’s time to stop petting her, or if she wants her dinner right meow. And when it’s time to visit the vet, Fluffy doesn’t usually hold back when it comes to expressing her opinion about car rides. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Be Yourself

We all know that cats can be, well, a bit silly at times. Fluffy may have some absolutely hilarious quirks, but she is too busy enjoying herself to worry about what people think. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Take Time To Play

Fluffy can have a blast just batting a toy mouse around, or chasing a rubber ball. Make time just for having fun.

Show Your Affection

Kitties have a reputation for being aloof at times, but our feline friends can also be extremely loving. It’s impossible to mistake Fluffy’s purrs and cuddles for anything other than affection. (Cats also have some rather interesting ways of showing their love, but that’s another topic.)

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for your cat? Call us! As your Leesburg, VA animal hospital, we’re here to help!