Fear Free…What Is That?

FEAR FREE….What Does That Mean, You Ask?

At Lansdowne Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in doing our best to offer as stress free a visit as possible for both you and your beloved pet! Their peace of mind and health is of utmost importance to us.  We want your dog or cat to actually enjoy visiting us!   We do this in a number of ways, such as

  1. Keeping reception waiting time to a minimum
  2. Having a dedicated dog and cat room with non-slip mats on the table
  3. Using dog (Adaptil) and cat (Feliway) pheromones to help your pet feel safe and calm
  4. Playing dog/cat specific peaceful music in the exam rooms – yes, it’s true! Dogs and cats prefer certain types of music
  5. Being fully trained in Low Stress Handling to greatly reduce your pet’s anxiety and look after his/her emotional well-being
  6. Examining your dog or cat where he/she feels most comfortable e.g. On the floor or in the carrier
  7. Offering LOTS of  tasty treats throughout the examination!

Offering 30 minute appointment times ensure that both you and your dog or cat are not rushed during their visit.  We are a family at Lansdowne Animal Hospital and we treat all our patients as if they were our own!

That being said, there are some things that you as an owner can do to make your pet’s visit a stress free as possible…

For cats:

1. Help them feel comfortable with their carrier, by leaving it out a few weeks before their visit and feeding them treats or their food in it

2. Use Feliway pheromone spray or wipes, on their carrier bedding and cover the top of their carrier with a towel or pillow case

For dogs:

3. Use Adaptil pheromone spray on a towel or sheet that they can sit on in the car

For both:

4. Limit food for a couple of hours before their visit. This helps us when it comes to offering them treats!

5.  Bring your own treats with you if your pet has food allergies or a specific treat they absolutely love – we don’t want them to feel left out!

6.  Bring along a favorite toy/blanket of theirs to help them feel comfortable

7.  Whilst in the car, play soothing music – Classical is liked by both dogs and cats (That’s not to say you don’t know your pet best…if it’s                 rock music they love, go for it!

8.  This is an important one…Between visits, bring your pet to the hospital just to receive treats and loads of loving!


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