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Keeping Your Cat Cool

July 1, 2017

Do you enjoy summertime? Many of us really enjoy this time of year, and are soaking up as much of that summer sunshine as we can. Hot weather can be rough on some of our furry patients, however. Kitties, in particular, sometimes have a hard time staying cool when temperatures rise. In this article, a Leesburg, VA vet offers tips on helping Fluffy beat the heat.

Keep Fluffy Indoors

One of the best ways to protect Fluffy from the heat is also one of the easiest. Keep your kitty inside, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners.


Make sure Fluffy always has fresh, clean water. Some cats prefer drinking running water, so you may want to get your furball a kitty fountain.


Brushing your feline buddy regularly will also help her stay cool. This is because brushing removes dirt and dander from Fluffy’s coat, which will in turn maximize the healing properties of her fur.

Kitty Hammock

Hammocks tend to stay cooler than regular beds, as they allow air to pass beneath them. To make Fluffy a hammock, you’ll need a table or end table with four legs, and some material. Cut the material so that it’s a bit smaller than the tabletop, and then attach it to the legs with Velcro or rope. Voila!

Let Fluffy Roam

Cats have some very special talents. One of Fluffy’s secret kitty ninja skills is the amazing ability to find comfortable napping spots. If you let your furball roam freely, she’ll find the coolest area. (Don’t be surprised if you find your cat sprawled out in the basement or bathtub, or on the kitchen floor. These areas tend to stay cool.)

Cool Treats

Why not give your kitty a cool treat? Fluffy can have a ‘broth cube’ of frozen, sodium-free beef, fish, or chicken broth, or some chilled tuna or kitty milk.


While it probably isn’t a great idea to take your cat to a hockey arena, you can encourage Fluffy to play her own version of this classic winter sport by dropping an ice cube on the floor for her to smack around. Kitty paw pads help cats regulate their temperature, so this is a great way for your furball to stay cool.

Do you have questions about your kitty’s care? Call us! As your Leesburg, VA pet hospital, we are here to help!