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Setting Up Your Cat’s Litterbox

September 1, 2017

There are certainly many things to love about our feline pals. Fluffy is cute, cuddly, and clean. She’s also full of adorable quirks! One great thing about cats is the fact that you don’t have to walk them: Fluffy will discretely use her own purrsonal powder room to do her business. However, there are some things to keep in mind when setting up a litterbox. A Leesburg, VA vet discusses kitty bathrooms in this article.

Choosing Litter

Cats all have their own preferences about litter. You may need to experiment a bit to see what Fluffy likes best. (Note: there is one caveat here: if you have a kitten, avoid clay or clumping litters for now. Kittens sometimes accidentally ingest the litter, which can be quite dangerous.)


Choosing the right spot for your pet’s powder room is very important. Ideally, you want to pick a place that is out of the way, but easy for your kitty to get to. Most cats like to have some privacy when they are doing their business, so look for a quiet spot. Pick a place with good ventilation, which will help control odors.


Litterboxes don’t do much for anyone’s décor. You can camouflage the litterbox by hiding it behind a folding screen. Another option is to upcycle a piece of furniture, like an enclosed end table or a buffet. Just cut a cat door in one side for kitty access.


Many kitties will avoid litterboxes that are dirty. Keep your pet’s powder room clean by scooping it daily, and changing the litter out every week. If you tend to fall behind on this, look for litterboxes that make the job a little easier, such as stackable tray boxes or self-cleaning ones. Just keep in mind that Fluffy will also need to approve of her bathroom!

Odor Control

There are some things you can do to keep your pet’s litterbox from stinking. Setting out pet-safe plants will help. You can also use air purifiers or fresheners. Just be sure to choose products that break down scent molecules, instead of masking them. Litter liners can also be beneficial, as can sprinkling deodorizers—or even plain baking soda—in the litterbox.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us today! As your local Leesburg, VA pet hospital, we are dedicated to providing excellent care.