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Senior Dog Care Tips

November 1, 2017

Is your pet aged six or older? Is Fido’s muzzle beginning to turn grey? It can take us by surprise to realize that our canine pals are reaching their senior years. Your pet’s basic needs won’t change as he ages, but you may want to make a few adjustments to his care regimen. Read on as a local Leesburg, VA vet offers some senior dog care tips.


Good nutrition is important to dogs of all ages, but it’s particularly crucial for senior pets. Your vet may recommend certain supplements. Fish oil, for instance, can help lubricate Fido’s bones and joints. We also recommend using elevated dishes, particularly if your dog is a medium or large pooch. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Nail Care

Overgrown nails can be very uncomfortable for Man’s Best Friend. Your pooch may change his stride to compensate, which will put additional stress on his bones and joints. Be sure to keep Fido’s nails clipped!


There are few things more heartwarming than the sight of a senior dog snoozing peacefully in his bed! One of the best things you can do for your furry best friend is to make sure he has a comfortable sleeping spot. Orthopedic beds are a great choice for older dogs, because of the extra support they offer.


Although Fido won’t be as playful or frisky as he once was, he will still need regular activity to stay healthy. Most dogs need at least a daily walk. Just be careful not to tire your canine companion out. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Your pet will become more sensitive to heat and cold as he ages. Try to keep Fido indoors as much as possible when the weather is bad.


It isn’t uncommon for senior dogs to have trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of cars. Get your furry friend some pet ramps or stairs, so he can get around more easily.


At the end of the day, Fido only wants to spend time with his favorite human: you. Pay lots of attention to your four-legged friend, and enjoy this special time of his life. That cute furry tail will still work just fine!

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Leesburg, VA pet hospital, today! We are here to help!