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Tips for Bathing Fido

April 1, 2018

Does your dog enjoy his baths? If so, consider yourself lucky: most of our canine pals are not very enthusiastic about their beauty sessions. And, to be honest, giving Fido a bath isn’t always fun for people, either. We’re here to help! Below, a Ashburn, VA vet offers some helpful doggy-grooming tips.

Prepare The Room

Before bringing Fido in for his bath, get the bathroom ready for him. Put a rubber mat down in the tub to prevent scratches, and lay down a few towels, to soak up water from the floor. You may also want to get a pitcher or teapot for rinsing your pup’s head.


When bathing your pooch, use warm, not hot water. Also, be sure to only use products made for dogs. Human shampoos are too strong for Fido, and could dry out his fur. Finally, take care not to get water in your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.

Brush First

Give Fido a good brushing before his bath. This will remove dead fur and dander from his coat, so that less of it gets stuck in your drain. You may also want to clip your pet’s nails.

Make Bathtime Fun

Does your four-legged friend loathe his baths? Work on a bit of desensitization by making your canine pal associate bathtime with good things . . . like treats. Call Fido into the bathroom, and have him hop into the tub. Then, just give your pup a treat, and let him go. Choose a special snack, something Fido doesn’t get too often, like a hamburger or a steak. If you do this regularly for a few weeks, you may find your furry buddy miraculously becoming less wary of bathtime. After-bath treats are also important.

Wear An Apron

Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t wear your best outfit to give your canine buddy a bath. We recommend an old, long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Adding an apron can help protect you from splashes.

Shower Curtain Hack

Get a clear shower curtain, and cut two slits in it, about shoulder width apart. Hang this in the tub when it’s time for Fido’s bath, and use the slits as armholes. You’ll be able to avoid getting totally soaked, but can still see what you’re doing.

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