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Help Your Dog Beat the Heat

June 1, 2018

Summer is just around the corner! As the days get warmer, many of our canine buddies will be spending lots of time outdoors. Overheating is very dangerous for dogs, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your pup at this time of year. Here, a Leesburg, VA vet offers tips on keeping Fido cool.

Shade and Water

Make sure Fido always has plenty of shade and fresh water. On really hot days, drop an ice cube or two into your furry friend’s bowl. You may also want to get him a doggy water fountain.

Splash Around

Consider getting your pup a kiddie pool to splash around in. Fido may also enjoy just running and playing in the water from a hose. If you take your pet swimming, keep a close eye on him, and never leave him unattended near water.

Cool Treats

Fido loves cool snacks! You can find doggy ice cream in many pet stores and grocery markets. Another option is to get a pre-cooked roll of lamb or gourmet dog food. Pop it in the freezer, and (carefully) slice off a piece to give your canine pal a treat.

Summer ‘Do

Some pooches are much more comfortable with a cool haircut in summer. However, certain breeds, such as huskies, should never have their fur cut or shaved, so check with your vet first.


Midday is the hottest time of day, so limit your furry buddy’s activity around this time. Walk and play with Fido in the mornings and evenings, when it’s cooler.

Cool Pet Zone

Another way to keep your canine friend cool and comfy is to get a cold water bottle and put it in his doggy bed, under a thin blanket. You can also point a fan at Fido’s bed. Spray some water into the air stream to ‘mist’ your pet on occasion.

Extra Care

Senior pooches, puppies, nursing mamas, and dogs with health problems are particularly sensitive to weather extremes. If Fido falls into any of these categories, take extra care with him!

Stay Home

We can’t overstate how dangerous it is to leave a dog in a hot car. If Fido can’t go inside with you, leave him safe and sound at home, in rooms cooled by fans or AC.

Please call us, your Leesburg, VA pet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to keeping tails wagging!