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Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

October 1, 2018

Have you noticed your dog taking longer to lie down recently? Does Fido sometimes limp when he first gets up? If so, your pooch may be developing arthritis. Arthritis is very common in our canine buddies. This painful condition develops when the tissues of a dog’s tendons and ligaments wears thin, causing inflammation and bone problems. Read on as an Ashburn, VA vet discusses arthritis in dogs.

Reduced Interest In Play

Are your furry friend’s favorite toys gathering dust? Arthritis can really affect Fido’s mobility. This will in turn put a damper on his favorite doggy-playtime activities.

Chewing and Licking

Dogs often chew or nibble at themselves when something is hurting them. If you notice that Fido keeps licking or biting himself, especially on his legs, paws, or the base of his tail, arthritis could be the culprit.


Limping is one of the most common signs of arthritis in our canine pals. Dogs who are just beginning to develop arthritis may only limp for a few minutes, usually when they first get up. However, as the condition progresses, the limp will become more pronounced.


Most people tend to get a bit grumpy when they are in pain. Dogs are the same way! If Fido seems uncharacteristically cranky, he may not be feeling well.

Trouble Climbing

Dogs with arthritis often have a hard time getting in and out of cars, climbing stairs, or getting on and off beds and sofas. If your pooch is having difficulty with these things, he may have arthritis.

General Stiffness/Slowing Down

Fido may take longer to lie down than he used to, and he may not run or jump the way he once did. Paying close attention to your furry pal will help you spot minor changes in his appearance or behavior early on. This can be very beneficial. The sooner an issue is caught and treated, the better!


If your canine friend has any of these symptoms, schedule a veterinary appointment immediately. While arthritis cannot be cured, there are now options available to help manage it. Treatments such as laser therapy can help reduce pets’ pain and improve their range of motion, which will both help improve Fido’s quality of life. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has arthritis? Please contact us, your local Ashburn, VA vet clinic, anytime.