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7 Ways to Successfully Herd Cats

December 1, 2018

Did you know that December 15th is officially Cat Herder’s Day? We’re guessing probably not. This kitty holiday is a bit of a head scratcher. After all, herding cats is supposed to be impossible. One of Fluffy’s favorite pastimes is refusing to come in when called! However, we have discovered a few things that our feline pals just can’t resist. An Ashburn, VA vet lists some of them in this article.

Change Your Sheets

Kitties love to lend a helping paw when it comes to changing the sheets. Or course, your furball may not be quite as helpful as she thinks, but she’ll still be adorable as she’s jumping on those pesky ‘blanket monsters.’


We are fairly certain that cats don’t actually run on solar power. However, they can’t resist snoozing in sunbeams. Fluffy may even move from spot to spot so that she can catch as many rays as possible!

Set Out Some Boxes

If there’s one thing our furry buddies just can’t resist, it’s boxes. Big boxes, small boxes, kitties love them all. And, in case you ever wondered, this adorable quirk isn’t restricted to house cats. Big felines, like lions and tigers, also like boxes!

Draw A Square On The Floor

As it turns out, Fluffy’s box obsession isn’t limited to real boxes. She also loves imaginary ones! Use tape or rulers to create a small box outline on the floor. Don’t be surprised if Fluffy immediately gets inside it. She’ll probably look up at you with that smug, self-satisfied looks kitties get when they’re proud of themselves.

Open Suitcases

Have you ever tried to pack for a trip, only to find yourself continuously removing Fluffy from your suitcase? A room full of open suitcase would definitely come in handy for cat herders!

Toss Something

Cats often can’t resist chasing small, moving objects. Want to herd your furball out of the room? Crumple up a piece of paper and toss it down the hall!

Create Food Sounds

A few decades ago, cats usually came running at the sound of can openers. Since the advent of the pop-top can lid, this tradition has sort of fallen by the wayside. However, your kitty may still rush for her food bowl if she hears you open a can!

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