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Walk Your Dog Day

February 1, 2019

Did you know that February 22nd is Walk Your Dog Day? We know, every day is Walk Your Dog day for many of you. However, this is a great time to talk about walking your dog. A Leesburg, VA vet offers tips on taking Fido for a stroll in this article.


Hauling is a pretty common issue with our canine pals. Fido sometimes just can’t resist lunging after that feisty squirrel, or the neighbor’s cat. This can actually be quite dangerous! Make sure your pet walks beside you. (Tip: when your pooch tries to pull you, immediately turn around and walk in the other direction. Training may be a bit tiring, but it will be worth it!)


A short leash will give you more control of your dog. This can also help keep Fido safe, as he won’t be able to rush at people or other dogs as easily. You can use a retractable leash in some situations, but be sure to get one that locks. Otherwise, your furry buddy could get tangled up with another pooch, or even rush out in front of a car!


Even if your canine companion has a yard to run around in, he’ll still need regular walks. Those daily strolls help keep your fuzzy buddy active, and offer him beneficial mental situation. This helps beat doggy boredom, which is actually a factor in many bad behaviors, like digging and chewing.


Make walks fun for Fido by rewarding him for being good. Take a few treats with you, and work on your furry pal’s training during each walk.


Always be courteous to your neighbors by picking up after your canine buddy. Keep waste baggies in the pockets of the jacket you usually use for walking your pup. You may also want to stash some outside your house. That way, if you run out, you don’t have to go back in and then back out.

Celebrating Walk Your Dog Day

February isn’t always the best time for a long walk, but if the weather permits, give Fido some extra walking time. This is a great way to spend time with your furry best friend. Plus, the activity will be good for you, too!

Please reach out to us for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. As your Leesburg, VA vet clinic, we are here to help!