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The Cat’s Meow

June 1, 2019

Do you have a talkative kitty? Or does your furball only speak on occasion? Some cats are very outspoken, and will ‘chat’ to their humans about … well, we really don’t know, but we assume it’s basically anything and everything. Other cats only vocalize when they want us to feed them, pet them, pick them up, or rescue that catnip mouse toy from beneath the couch. A Leesburg, VA vet discusses Fluffy’s speech patterns in this article.

The Origin Of The Meow

As it turns out, our feline overlords may have started meowing specifically so they could boss us around. Adult cats rarely meow at one another. They usually communicate by body language and facial expressions, as well as by occasionally attacking one another. It also may not be a coincidence that many of our furry pals sound rather like human babies when they cry. It seems that Fluffy discovered that a plaintive, childlike meow, combined with an adorable face and some cute antics, naturally tugs at our heartstrings. And, when cats make our hearts melt, we tend to spoil them.

Chatty Cats

Some cats are definitely more talkative than others are. Siamese cats, for example, are notorious for being furry little chatterboxes. Many other Asian kitties, such as the Bengal, Tonkinese, and Oriental Shorthair, are also quite vocal. Another breed with a distinctive meow is the Maine Coon, who ‘talks’ with adorable chirpy sounds. There are also some breeds that don’t speak up very often, such as the Ragdoll.

Conversations With Fluffy

If your feline buddy is on the more talkative end of the spectrum, indulge her! Try chatting with your kitty, and see if she answers back. If she does, mimic her. It can be both fun and adorable to play this little game with your pet. It also helps Fluffy feel loved, as she’ll know that you’re paying attention to her.

Warning Signs

Changes in your kitty’s vocalizations can sometimes be an indication that something is wrong. If Fluffy is usually quite loud, but then suddenly has nothing to say, she may be ill. The opposite is also true: a quiet cat that starts yowling constantly may be sick or in pain. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

Please contact us, your local Leesburg, VA vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!