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6 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Daily

August 1, 2019

Did you know that playing with your dog is one of the best things you can do for him? We all know that our four-legged friends are quite playful. Read on as an Ashburn, VA vet lists some great reasons to play with Fido regularly.


Staying active is just as important for pets as they are for people. Playing is a great way for Fido to get his doggy workout in! Even just playing Fetch or Tag for a few minutes will benefit your furry pal.

Beat Doggy Boredom

Dogs are quite smart and curious, and tend to get restless when they have nothing to do. If Fido gets bored, he may entertain himself by, well, making mischief. In fact, many bad doggy behaviors, such as digging and chewing, are actually a result of boredom. Regular play sessions will keep your cute pet entertained, which is very helpful in curbing bad habits.

Burn Excess Zoom

Is your pup a four-legged bundle of energy? A vigorous play session will help Fido burn off some of that excess zing. Afterwards, he’ll be calmer, and more interested in napping than in racing around. This can be great for his behavior. As the saying says, tired dogs are good dogs!

Mental Stimulation

Playing also offers our canine companions beneficial mental stimulation. In fact, it can almost be compared to doing a crossword puzzle. This will become extremely beneficial as your furry friend ages, as it can help fight off the cognitive decline that some pooches experience in their golden years.


Playing with your pup allows you to spend some quality time with him. When you take time to throw a ball or toy for Fido, he will know that you’re making an effort to please him. This is a great way to build that special bond of friendship between you and your pet!

It’s Fun!

Last but not least, playing with Fido is fun for both of you. Dogs are absolutely adorable—and often quite hilarious—when they are bounding after their favorite toy, or jumping to catch a ball, stick, or Frisbee. Hanging out with your canine friend is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day!

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