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Tips for Crating Fido

November 1, 2019

Is your dog crate-trained? If not, you may want to rectify that. While you should never keep Fido crated too long, it can be very beneficial for him to be accustomed to being crated. That way, if he ever has to be crated for travel or at the vet’s or groomer’s, it will be easier for him. Read on as a Leesburg, VA vet offers some tips on crating your canine buddy.

Keep It Positive

Never use the crate as punishment, or leave Fido crated too long. If you do, he may form a bad association with the crate, which will make being crated unpleasant for him. To help your pooch form a good impression of his crate, offer him treats, meals, toys, and, of course, belly rubs in and near it.

Make It Comfy

You want your pup to think of his crate as a cozy little den. Adding comfy bedding and toys to the crate will help Fido see it as welcoming and safe.

Get The Right Size

Usually, when we talk about pet habitats or cages, we almost always say that bigger is better. Dog crates are a definite exception to this rule. If the crate is too big, your pooch won’t feel as safe. He’ll also be more likely to defecate in it. Dogs usually won’t soil their beds, but if the crate is big enough, Fido won’t think of it as a bed. The crate should be big enough for Fido to easily sit up, stretch out, and turn around, without being too roomy.

Time It Right

As mentioned above, you should never keep your canine friend crated too long. The maximum times will depend on how old your furry pal is. Puppies should be let out every few hours. Adult dogs really shouldn’t be crated for more than four hours. (Note: there is an exception here. If you crate Fido overnight, he can stay in the crate longer, as he’ll be sleeping.) Ask your vet for advice.

Leave It Open

With proper training, you may be able to just leave the crate open, and tell Fido to go into his crate at bedtime. You may find that your canine buddy actually prefers sleeping in his crate!

Please feel free to contact us, your Leesburg, VA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!