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7 Things Cats Will Never Figure Out

February 1, 2020

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day was January 22nd! Kitties are known for being curious, so it’s probably safe to say that they would have quite a few questions for us. If your feline friend could list her most pressing queries, what do you think she would want to know? Read on as an Ashburn, VA vet lists a few strong ‘pawsibilities.’

Where Does The Sun Go?

Does your kitty spend a lot of time lounging about in sunbeams? We suspect the answer to that question is probably yes. Cats don’t actually run on solar power, but they do use it to charge their ‘catteries.’

Why Do You Make Me Go To The Vet?

Many of our feline patients would no doubt rather take yet another nap than visit us. This is in large part due to car rides, which cats often find very scary. Sorry, Fluffy: those appointments are for your own good!

What’s Wrong With The Dog?

Speaking of car rides, they are one thing that Fluffy and Fido will never agree on. Actually, Man’s Best Friend just doesn’t make much sense to Man’s Second Best Friend. Dogs hate baths, don’t use litterboxes, actually do what they’re told, and will eat just about anything.

Why Can’t I Sleep On That?

It’s probably safe to say that at some point you’ve plucked your drowsy furball off something mid-nap. Fluffy will never understand why you don’t let her sleep on your computer. After all, it’s nice and warm!

Where Am I Supposed To Be?

Have you ever seen your furry little buddy race out of the room for no reason you can see? Maybe Fluffy forgot she was supposed to be in the kitchen!

Why Can’t I Catch That Red Dot?

Kitties are never more adorable than when they’re pouncing and jumping on things. Fluffy is also pretty cute when she’s chasing the dot from a laser pointer. Your furball may never figure out her elusive prey.

Why Is Service So Slow?

Cats certainly have a way of wrapping their humans around their paws. Fluffy may wonder what’s taking you so long to fill her bowl. Sometimes she has to meow for a full minute or even longer!

Please contact us, your local Ashburn, VA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!