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6 Things to Do For Cat Health Month

February 1, 2021

February is National Cat Health Month! This is a purrfect chance to shine a spotlight on Fluffy’s care needs, and pay her some extra attention. An Ashburn, VA vet lists some things to put on your February to-do list for February.

G  et Fluffy Some Toys

It’s always cute watching kitties hard at play. All that running and jumping is also great for Fluffy physically. Playing also offers mental stimulation, which is great for your furball’s mind. Stop by the pet store, and pick up a few things for your furry little friend. It’s also important to remember to play with your cat regularly.

Upgrade Your Kitty’s Food

It isn’t always easy to choose a good cat food. Take a look at the labels on Fluffy’s food. The better brands contain mainly ingredients you can actually identify, and list meat, fish, or poultry first and most frequently. Ask your vet if your feline friend would benefit from better food.

Brush Up

Your feline pal probably grooms herself daily, but that doesn’t mean she won’t benefit from being brushed. Regularly brushing Fluffy will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This reduces the amount of hair she will swallow, which will in turn help prevent—or at least reduce—hairballs. Plus, this gives you a chance to inspect your cat, and check for signs of illness or injury.

Schedule An Appointment

Has it been a while since Fluffy saw her doctor? If so, make an appointment today! Proper veterinary care is absolutely crucial to your kitty’s health and well-being.

Do Some Petproofing

Kitties are super frisky and playful. These traits are adorable, but they can also get Fluffy into trouble. Make sure your home is safe for your mischievous pet by removing things that could be dangerous. This includes things like toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, small and sharp objects, chemicals, and medication.

Purr Activation

Fluffy’s mental and emotional well-being are both crucial to her overall health. If your kitty is stressed, anxious, or unhappy, it will take a huge toll on her physically. Keep your furball happy and purring by making sure she knows she is loved and safe. How do you do that? Toys, attention, playtime, and, of course, lap space.

As your Leesburg, VA animal clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your feline pal happy and healthy. Contact us anytime!