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Hot Weather Dog Care Hacks

May 1, 2021

Does your canine pal hate the heat? While many pooches love to run and play outdoors, they sometimes struggle when it gets really hot. After all, Fido is wearing a fur coat! Read on as a local Ashburn, VA vet lists some easy ways to help your pup beat the heat.


Does Fido sometimes seem like he’s getting too hot when you’re walking him? Do you plan to take your furry bff to an outdoor event, like a barbeque? Tie a bandana around his neck, and soak it with water. The evaporation will help cool your pooch.


Put some pieces of kibble or small dog treats in an ice cube tray. Then, pour water or sodium-free broth over it and freeze. Give your furry buddy one or two for a cool snack.

Freeze Fido’s Toys

Not all dog toys will do well in the freezer, but there are quite a few that you can freeze. Check label instructions to be sure. Kong toys are a good option for this. You can put in peanut butter, organic baby food, or products made just for Kongs. Just be sure to only offer safe ingredients.

Elevated Bed

Hammock beds tend to be much cooler in summer than regular beds, as they allow air to flow beneath them. Look into getting one of these for your four-legged buddy. You can also position a fan so that air keeps moving above Fido’s bed.

Water Station

Do you have a yard for your canine buddy to run and play in? You’ll need to have water bowls for outdoors. One thing you can do is get a plant urn, and then a bowl to fill it. This looks attractive, and, as long as it’s the right height, will be easy for your pooch to drink from. You’ll need to change the water every day, but you can just pour it onto your plants.


Does Fido have a dog house, or an outdoor spot of his own? Create more shade by getting some collapsible fence panels with fake plants attached. These are an easy way to provide your pet with some privacy. Just position them so that your furry friend can’t eat the plants.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Ashburn, VA veterinary clinic, we’re always here to help!