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Doggy Spotlight: Poodles

October 1, 2021

Tomorrow, October 2nd, is Poodle Day? The poodle is definitely one of the most recognizable and iconic breeds. A Leesburg, VA vet discusses this fun-loving pooch below.


There’s actually a bit of mystery surrounding Fido’s exact origins. We know that he was originally a water dog, but there’s some debate over exactly what region he was born in. It’s worth pointing out that the word ‘poodle’ is closely associated with the German version, which is Pudel. That term evolved from the word ‘puddeln’, which means ‘to splash’. (Splashing, as it turns out, is one of Fido’s favorite activities.) Of course, in France, the name for poodle is Caniche, which translates to ‘duck dog.’


Poodles come in many different coat colors and patterns. They are also available in different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. There is also a medium size, though that isn’t universally accepted.


This lovable breed is extremely smart and obedient. In fact, these traits got Fido a job at the circus. Poodles were often found walking tightropes or performing magic tricks.


One of the poodle’s most unique and distinctive features is their fur, which can be quite coarse and curly. Although many people claim that poodles are hypoallergenic, this isn’t technically correct. However, people with allergies may have milder reactions to their coats than they would with other dogs. 

Good grooming is a must for these guys, as the hair they shed tends to get stuck in their curls, which can cause mats. As you probably know, many poodles get clipped. Fido can wear 50 different styles! The one you’ve probably seen most often is called the

Continental clip.


Poodles are very intelligent and sociable, and they need to stay busy and occupied. Fido may be a little wary of strangers at first, but he warms up quickly. These faithful pups should be protective, but are not naturally aggressive. These guys make wonderful pets!


Fido is well-suited for a number of doggy activities, such as agility, dog diving, surfing, and disc dog games. Poodles tend to love camping. They’re also very, very fond of water, and tend to love swimming. (Note: like any other dog, you’ll still need to teach your pet how to swim, and supervise him carefully when he is near water.)

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