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Holiday Gifts For Active Dogs

December 1, 2021

Is your canine companion a playful, active bundle of zoom? Dogs are full of energy, especially when they are young. That’s something to keep in mind as you pick out holiday gifts for Fido. A local Leesburg, VA vet lists a few things you could get for a super-playful pooch in this article.


Toys are definitely at the top of this list! Get your furry friend a variety of fun things. If Fido goes through his toys faster than you can replace them, you may want to sign him up for his own doggy subscription box.

Doggy Water Bottle

Pups with a lot of energy often really enjoy going on walks and hikes. Fido can get thirsty pretty quick outdoors, especially when it’s hot out. Pick up a doggy water bottle with a dispenser for him. These are great to have on trails!

Paw Care Kit

Your four-legged friend will probably put a lot of mileage on his furry feet, so it’s important to take care of them. Paw balm can protect Fido’s sensitive paw pads from scrapes, cuts, and abrasions. A good set of clippers can make giving him pawdicures much easier.

Automated Gadgets

Does your furry bundle of zoom have more energy than you do? Look for automated toys that will keep Fido running and playing while you relax. Automated laser pointers and mechanical ball launchers are both very popular with our canine buddies.

Remote-Controlled Toys

There are now laser pointers that you can use to play with your pup remotely, using a camera and smartphone app. This is a great way to break up Fido’s day while you’re at work! (It may put a smile on your face during your breaks as well.) You can also get your four-legged pal some remote-controlled toys.


As many as a third of our canine friends will get lost at some point in their lives. Even the most faithful dog can run off if something spooks them or they see a squirrel. That’s why ID is so important! Tags are still a must, but they can come off. A microchip is permanent, and forms a permanent, legally-recognized link between you and your pet. If Fido hasn’t been microchipped yet, we recommend getting this done ASAP.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital, your Leesburg, VA animal clinic. Contact us anytime!