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Playing With Your Dog

February 1, 2022

Is your canine buddy very playful and active? Or is Fido more of a couch potato? Either way, regular play sessions are going to both benefit your pet and keep his tail going. Read on as a Leesburg, VA veterinarian offers some advice on playing with your four-legged friend.

Do It Daily

Playing is just as fun and beneficial for Fido as it is for us. It gives your pup a great workout, and also offers him a chance to indulge some of his natural instincts, and basically just enjoy being a dog. 


Keep in mind that our canine pals usually do better when they are on a set schedule. Try to carve out some time for Fetch or Frisbee—or whatever you and your pet prefer—every day.

Play Safely

Safety should always come first. Always use playthings that you know are safe for your pooch. It’s also important to play with your furry friend in appropriate areas. Choose a spot that has lawn or carpet, so Fido can get good traction. Stay away from pools, fireplaces, stairs, and other areas that could be dangerous.

Choose Suitable Activities

Not every activity will be safe or suitable for Fido. Large dogs and senior pooches really shouldn’t be encouraged to jump or stand on their back legs, because it strains their hips. Brachys, on the other hand, shouldn’t run or swim. Personality is also a factor. If your furry bff has behavioral issues, then you may want to avoid games like Tug O War, as these can bring out the aggressive side of some pups.

Adjust As Needed

You’ll need to consider your canine friend’s age, as well as his breed and size. A Yorkie puppy will have very different entertainment needs than a senior Great Dane! As Fido grows older, you’ll want to focus more on things that offer mental stimulation, rather than physical exercise. Some examples of this include things like puzzle games, Hide and Seek, or a doggy version of the Three Cups game.

Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, don’t think of playing with Fido as a chore. It should be fun for both of you! It’s probably safe to say that a good doggy play session will put a smile on your face as well.

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