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Fluffy’s 2023 Goals

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! Are you setting big goals for yourself for 2023? Some of our feline friends definitely are. Cats may be small, but they are definitely not short on ambition. A local Ashburn, VA vet lists some of Fluffy’s plans for 2023 in this article.

Sleep More

This probably won’t be a huge shock: after all, mastering all forms and practices of sleep is Fluffy’s life work. Your furry pal may try to expand her napping horizons a bit this year: she may try different positions, experiment with new spots, or just change up her sleep schedule. Offer your sleepy pet plenty of comfy beds and napping spots.

Avoid The Vet

This is actually a terrible goal. Fluffy will be healthier and more comfortable with proper veterinary care, which of course means she’ll also be happier overall. Unfortunately, our attempts to explain this to our feline patients haven’t been very successful. It’s worth mentioning that many cats are more distressed about the dreaded car ride in to the clinic than about their actual appointments. Make the drive a bit comfier for your furry friend by adding soft bedding and toys to her carrier.

Perfect The Blep

If you haven’t heard the word blep yet, it’s a highly technical term for one of the many cute but odd things cats do: in this case, sitting with their tongues sticking out. (As you can probably guess, kitty bleps can make for some pretty adorable photos.) Most of the time, blepping is just a silly quirk. However, it can on occasion be a sign of oral problems. If Fluffy is blepping constantly, or if her bleps are accompanied by things like bad breath, drooling, changes in eating habits, or other warning signs, contact your vet.

Catch The Red Dot

Our feline buddies are hunters by nature. Fluffy’s inner lion actually has a pretty big influence over her behavior and mannerisms, not to mention her playful, sassy nature. Your kitty’s predatory inclinations also drive her playing habits, which not only keep her fit and happy but are also highly entertaining for us. Make sure your frisky furball has lots of fun toys to bat around, and take time to play with her daily.

All of us here at Lansdowne Animal Hospital, your local Ashburn, VA animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Please feel free to contact us anytime!