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Regular Walks Provide Your Dog with Multiple Benefits

January 15, 2015

Your golden retriever Bailey’s ready for another high-energy neighborhood walk. Your energetic pooch doesn’t care about the weather, as his thick double coat keeps him nicely insulated from most weather conditions. In really cold weather, you’d snug your dog into a nice warm jacket and maybe even booties. Once Bailey gets outside, he sniffs the trees and looks for his canine buddies. You know your dog’s daily walks build his muscles and help to keep him limber. In fact, your veterinarian Ashburn recently noticed your dog’s great physical condition. Learn more about how your dog benefits from his regular walks or jogs.

Digestive Health and Weight Management

Bailey’s digestive system occasionally acts up; and he has also fallen victim to periodic constipation. Although your vet treats these troubling conditions, regular walks also help Bailey’s system to maintain a regular pace. Since your dog also battles with his weight, his daily fast-paced walks burn up calories and help to keep those extra pounds at bay.

Improved Self-Confidence

When you adopted Bailey several months ago, he was a rather timid dog who hadn’t been well socialized. To get him comfortable in your larger community, you’ve taken your canine companion on neighborhood walks; and he has even visited the dog park. After meeting many friendly dogs and dog-loving humans, Bailey is now a super-confident dog who loves everybody.

Enhanced Obedience Skills

At first, Bailey lacked obedience skills, making him think it was acceptable to greet people by jumping on them. Eventually, your social circle shrank as your friends stopped coming to visit. Now, however, Bailey has graduated from obedience class with flying colors; and he greets your friends like a civilized canine family member. You use your regular walks to keep your dog’s obedience skills sharp.

Decreased Destructive Behavior

While Bailey first exhibited poor socialization skills, he came to your family with an abundance of destructive energy. When he became bored, he gnawed on your baseboards; and he even chewed a chair cushion into shreds. Now, you channel Bailey’s energy into brisk jaunts and hikes; and his destructive urges have vanished.

During Bailey’s recent visit to your veterinarian Ashburn, the vet appreciated your efforts in making your lovable pooch a happier, fitter dog. If you think your own dog would benefit from a good exercise program, make an appointment with your vet today.