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Reboot Your Overweight Cat’s Diet

February 1, 2015

Your tortoiseshell cat Tiki really enjoys the finer things in life. This spoiled-rotten girl has two plush beds, a rhinestone collar, and so many cat toys you’ve had to buy another storage basket. Your pampered cat also dines on the best food available. Recently, though, Tiki has been enjoying her kibbles too much; and her stomach has been swinging below her when she walks. You don’t want your cat’s extra pounds to raise her risks for weight-linked medical conditions. That’s why you’ve asked your Leesburg vet to give her some targeted  nutritional counseling . Read more about cats’ weight problems.

Pudgy Cats Everywhere

Tiki’s not the only cat with weight problems, as thousands of pet cats nationwide are overweight; and some are obese. These hefty cats have consumed too much food for their pitiful exercise levels. In fact, approximately 40 to 50 percent of these slovenly cats have packed on too much weight. These extra pounds make these unfortunate felines (including Tiki) susceptible to soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. She might also experience overworked muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Feline Carnivore Concerns

Left to her own devices, Tiki would rather consume mice and birds every day. Since hunting for live food isn’t acceptable, you might choose a commercially available cat food blend. However, most mass-produced foods can’t satisfy Tiki’s needs for high-quality protein. These foods generally use plant proteins, which your little carnivore doesn’t metabolize as well as animal-based proteins.

Tiki’s also deficient in enzymes that help her metabolize extra carbohydrates. Therefore, her body happily stores those extra carbs as unwelcome fat. Tiki’s cat treats also fuel her weight problem. The treats are loaded with useless calories, carbs, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Check

Before launching Tiki’s weight management plan, your vet will give your cat a thorough medical exam that includes a urinalysis and blood work. She wants to rule out metabolic problems and/or medical conditions that might keep your cat from safely dropping some pounds.

Weight Management Program

Next, your Leesburg vet  will design a tailored weight management program for your portly cat. The vet might select a food blended specifically for weight loss; and she might also recommend a structured feeding schedule for your hungry feline.

Tiki’s more likely to lose weight with regular exercise. Increase her daily playtime sessions, and provide her with challenging cat toys. To get your cat’s weight under control, call your vet for expert assistance.