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Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

February 15, 2015

Do you want a dog, but live in an apartment? While apartment life does present some challenges for dog owners, don’t let the lack of a private back yard keep you from adopting a canine pal. Large dogs often aren’t a great fit for apartment living, but there are plenty of lovable pooches that do just fine with smaller living spaces. In this article, your Ashburn vet lists some dog breeds that are great choices for apartment dwellers.


Bulldogs are known for being laid-back. Many of them love nothing more than napping on the couch. These lovably lazy pups have lots of character, and are perfect for apartments!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These adorable pooches tend are sweet, calm, and sociable. They enjoy making new friends, both human and canine. The Cavalier King Charles is also very quiet, which makes this cutie another great choice for apartment living.


Pugs are another great choice for apartment living. That adorable pushed-in face and those big soulful eyes aren’t the Pug’s only charms. These guys tend to be pretty low-key, are little enough to do well in smaller spaces, and usually don’t bark a lot.


These wrinkly pups are very smart, sweet, and loyal. Though some Shar-peis may be on the large end of the allowed weight for some apartment complexes, they are very intelligent, and rarely bark.


Another small dog, the charming Papillion is extremely intelligent and highly trainable. The only possible downside to having a Papillion in an apartment is that they can be a bit talkative, so barking may be an issue.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a happy and sociable little pup. They tend to be quite smart, and are very trainable. Chins don’t bark very much, though they do have a habit of snoring!

Cesky Terrier

This distinguished little pooch has a calm, steady demeanor, and is known for being a strong, silent type. Cesky Terriers are also a great choice for apartment dwellers!


These adorable little pooches are known for being cuddlebugs. Pomeranians are quite active, but these loving furballs are happiest wherever their owners are, and often get along well with kitties.

Do you have any questions about your dog’s care, health, or behavior? Please contact us, your Ashburn veterinary clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet. We are here to help!