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Your Cat Will Enjoy These DIY Entertainment Ideas

March 15, 2015

Your freshly adopted cat Trident thinks she’s the luckiest feline in the world. You just brought this striking tortoiseshell cat home from your town’s animal shelter. You’ve spent several days spoiling her rotten, getting her acclimated to her beds and colorful toys. Now that you’re returning to work, though, you’d like Trident to happily make her own fun while she’s home alone. Your Leesburg vet has provided some great suggestions, and you’ve also found other promising ideas.

Soothing Soundtrack

You think soft background music would provide an ideal backdrop for Trident’s home-alone activities. Classical selections seem to be particularly effective at calming nervous animals. Look for songs featuring melodic pianos and strings; and avoid tunes with booming drums or loud brass instruments. If you’re not fond of the classical genre, substitute a yoga or meditation playlist.

Plush, Carpeted Cat Gym

Every self-respecting cat appreciates a multi-level carpeted playground. Trident would love her own cat tower that includes several observation platforms and a cozy sleeping nook. For entertainment, hang several feathered cat toys in an accessible spot. Even if space is limited, this compact feline exercise platform tucks easily into a corner. If your feline companion enjoys birdwatching, position her cat tree alongside her favorite window.

Enticing Treat Puzzles

Give your cat an intriguing mental challenge that features desirable food as a reward. Buy her a tempting treat puzzle, along with a bag of vet-recommended snacks. Stuff the puzzle toy with these tasty bits. Trident must release a catch, or move her plaything in a specific way, to gain her payoff. Besides engaging her mind and filling her belly, this task builds her muscles and improves her coordination.

Agreeable Feline Friend

As a sociable girl, Trident might enjoy a special feline companion. If you can accommodate a second cat, and your little princess approves, the two playmates will entertain themselves for hours. To head off potential territory spats, ask the vet if your feline housemate will likely accept a new addition to the family. If she gives you the green light, browse the animal shelter and/or local rescue group website for a likely candidate.

When Trident next visits your  Leesburg vet , she’ll be pleased that your well-adjusted cat is enjoying life with your family. If your cat needs help adjusting to his “home alone” time, contact us for an appointment.