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Thanksgiving Safety for Dogs

November 15, 2015

Are you looking forward to the holidays? We are! It’s always great to slow down a bit and enjoy this special meal with loved ones. Our canine friends also enjoy participating in holiday traditions … especially the ones that include food! Be sure to put your pet’s safety first! Below, an Ashburn, VA vet offers some advice on keeping Fido healthy and safe during Thanksgiving.


It’s fine to include Fido in your holiday meal, but be very careful with what you feed him. Many of our favorite foods are toxic to dogs! Don’t give your canine buddy chocolate; avocado; grapes, raisins, or currants; macadamia nuts; or anything that contains xylitol or has been seasoned with garlic, chives, onions, or scallions. Caffeine, alcohol, junk food, and bones are also dangerous to our furry friends. Offer your pooch unseasoned, cooked, boneless meat instead. Plain, cooked sweet potatoes are fine as well.


After everyone has finished eating, clear the table right away. Use a secure trash can, just in case your furry pal is tempted to snag leftovers out of garbage.


Does your pooch often bark at guests or jump on people as they arrive? If so, keep him crated or in a quiet back room as people are coming and going. You can also use a doggy pen or baby gate to keep your pooch out of the way. Fido will still be able to see, hear, and interact with everyone, but won’t be underfoot.


Make sure your furry pal knows at least the five basic commands of good doggy manners, which are  Sit Stay Come Heel , and  Lay Down . If your pup has a habit of begging, work with him to improve his doggy manners. It may not be a bad idea to keep Fido crated or in another room during dinner.


Candles, fireplaces, potpourri burners, and other items that incorporate heat and/or flames can be very dangerous to your canine buddy. Be sure to place candles in high, secure spots, and use grates to protect fireplaces.

Puppy Time

Before guests arrive, take Fido on a long walk, and engage him in a vigorous play session to burn off extra energy. This way, Fido will be calmer and more relaxed during dinner.

Do you have questions about dog care? Contact us, your local Ashburn, VA vet clinic, anytime! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!