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Choosing Cat Furniture

December 1, 2015

Have you been considering getting your cat some furniture of her own? Your feline friend will no doubt appreciate your kindness! There are a few things to consider when shopping for Fluffy, however. In this article, a local Leesburg, VA vet offers some helpful tips on choosing cat furniture.

Interactive Kitties

Does your kitty constantly follow you around, monitoring every move you make? If so, your furball may enjoy a cat tower with lounging areas that put her fairly close to your eye level.

Timid Kitties

Is your feline friend a bit bashful? Choose something with an enclosed area, so Fluffy has a safe place to hide in when she feels scared.

Frisky Kitties

Is Fluffy still a kitten? Get your frisky furbaby a fun activity center that incorporates toys, a scratching post, and other fun extras.

Multiple Kitties

Do you have more than one kitty? Get a kitty tower with multiple stories. To keep your feline buddies from fighting, make sure you have at least as many levels as you do cats.

Housesitting Kitties

If your furball is often home alone, consider getting her a hammock or a window seat that you can put in a spot with a good view. Watching birds and squirrels will help your feline friend pass the time while you’re at work.

Senior Cats

Older cats have much more difficulty jumping and climbing than younger furballs. If Fluffy is in her golden years, look for something that is easy to climb, such as a multi-level activity center with the lowest level fairly close to the ground.

Scratching Cats

Is your kitty shredding your sofa? A cat tower is a great option! Choose something with a sturdy base, so it won’t topple over on your feline friend. Fluffy’s scratching post should also be tall enough to allow her to stretch out to her full length.

Snuggly Cats

Is Fluffy always crawling under blankets for her naps? To get your furball’s little motor going, offer her a cozy kitty tent she can snuggle down into.

Sleepy Cats

We know, all kitties are sleepy! Cat beds are a great option for any feline. Get Fluffy a few different ones, and place them in various rooms.

Do you have any questions about your kitty’s health or care? We can help! Please contact us, your Leesburg, VA vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs.