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Great Holiday Gifts for Cats

December 15, 2015

Are you planning to get your cat some holiday gifts this year? While classic kitty gifts like cans of tuna and catnip mice are bound to get your furry friend’s little motor going, there are lots of other fun options for things you can get for Fluffy. A local Ashburn, VA vet lists five great gift ideas for cats in this article.

Kitty Tents

Cats love small, enclosed places. They not only offer Fluffy a safe hiding place if she gets frightened, they also give your furball a great spot to curl up for a nap, Of course, kitty tents also give your cat a great spot to pounce at you from. That’s just part of the fun of having a cat!

Cat Grass

Many of our feline friends really enjoy cat grass. Unlike many popular houseplants, this nutrient-rich grass is completely safe for your furball to nibble on. Look for small containers in nearby pet stores, or just get some seeds and grow your own.

Automated Drinking Fountains

Does your cat sometimes like drinking from faucets? Fluffy often prefers drinking running water. An automated pet fountain is a wonderful gift option for kitties that like to drink straight from the tap. A word of precaution: if your furry pal seems excessively thirsty, have your vet examine her to rule out any possible medical issues.

Cat Towers

Kitty towers are very popular with the feline crowd. They offer your furry little overlord a great high vantage point, from which she can look down on her kingdom and servants with that self-satisfied expression cats do so well. They also give Fluffy a napping spot, jungle gym, and a manicure station. Place the tower in a spot with a window view, so your fluffy buddy can watch birds and squirrels and pretend she’s a ferocious little hunter. If you manage to place it in the path of a sunbeam, you get extra purrs and kitty kisses!


Fluffy doesn’t need expensive gifts to make her happy. Your feline friend may be over the moon just to find herself with an empty box to play in. If you really want to indulge your furball, take several boxes and build her a little kitty castle.

Do you have any questions about your cat’s health or care? We can help! Please contact us, your local Ashburn, VA vet clinic, anytime.