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New Year’s Resolutions for Fido

January 1, 2016

Will you be making resolutions on New Year’s Day? Setting personal goals is a great way to help yourself grow throughout the new year. What about Fido? If dogs made resolutions, what would those be? In this article, an Leesburg, VA vet offers some possible options for resolutions our canine friends might make.

I Will Not Dig Up The Yard

Digging is not an uncommon habit in our canine friends. If you want to help Fido achieve this goal, try to figure out why he’s digging in the first place. Hunting, boredom, comfort, and treasure stashing are a few possible options. Once you know what’s behind your furry pal’s mining habit, you’ll be able to take steps to address the issue.

I Will Not Pretend I Really Really Really Need To Go, Just So I Can Sniff Grass

You may not have much luck helping your pooch break this habit, but it’s hard to blame Fido for wanting some fresh air. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise, and enjoy your daily walks with your four-legged friend.

I Will Chew My Toys, Not Yours

Chewing is a common complaint among dog owners. Give Fido plenty of fun toys and playthings to keep him occupied when you’re away, including proper chew toys. Not all chew toys are safe or suitable for every dog, so ask your vet for recommendations.

I Will Make My Owner Laugh

As the saying says, dogs laugh with their tails, and laughter is certainly contagious. It’s hard not to giggle when your pet tilts his head in response to a question, chases a toy, or rolls over for a belly rub.

I Will Enjoy The Little Things

Dogs bring lots of joy into our lives. Fido’s love, loyalty, and adorable habits are definitely priceless. But it doesn’t take much to get those furry tails wagging. To dogs, a walk in the park, a yummy treat, or a simple game of fetch are some of life’s greatest gifts.

I Will Be Supportive

Dogs are always there for us, even on the worst days. Your furry buddy may have a way of sensing when you’re sad or upset, and will be there to comfort you with doggy kisses and cuddles.

Happy New Year! As your Leesburg, VA animal clinic, we are looking forward to serving all your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2016.