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5 Things That Annoy Your Dog

March 1, 2016

Fido is part of the family, so it can be easy to forget that he often interprets things differently than people do. Just like people, our canine pals can get annoyed or irritated with their human buddies. An Ashburn, VA lists some of Fido’s pet peeves in this article.


In doggy language, a hug is a sign of dominance, rather than a show of support or affection. While Fido may not mind when you hug him, he may become very uneasy if someone else does. This can be an issue with little children, who may be too young to understand that our canine pals don’t enjoy hugs.


Loud barking often signals conflict or distress to dogs, so it’s only natural that Fido to interpret raised voices as negative. Never yell at your dog for doing something wrong: our canine pals don’t understand punishment. Your pooch may not link his behavior to your reaction, and might not understand why you’re angry. You can correct your pup in a firm tone of voice, but otherwise, focus on the positive by rewarding good behavior.

Being Left Alone

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and are hardly ever alone. Your loving pet thinks of his human family as his packmates, and can become very distressed when separated from them. If your pooch sometimes acts up when left alone, he may have separation anxiety. Ask your vet for advice.

Being Rushed

When you’re walking your dog, do you ever find yourself rolling your eyes because your canine pal is so fascinated by one spot of grass he won’t move on? Dogs learn all sorts of things through scent, so when Fido does this, he’s actually investigating the spot, and finding out all sorts of things about who’s been there recently. We know you can’t stare at one patch of lawn all day, but indulge your pooch from time to time.

Visiting Us

We know, coming to see us isn’t exactly your pet’s favorite thing to do, but visiting the vet regularly is very important to Fido’s health and well-being. We use calming techniques and lots of care to soothe our furry patients. Even if Fido doesn’t like the trip, he’ll enjoy the benefits of good health!

Is Fido overdue for shots or an exam? Contact us, your Ashburn, VA animal hospital, today! We are here to help.