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Warning Signs of Illness in Cats

March 15, 2016

Do you know how to tell if your feline friend isn’t feeling well? Fluffy isn’t always forthcoming about the fact that she is sick. In fact, your cat may very well try to hide symptoms of illness, so you may not realize your kitty is ill until she’s very sick! Therefore, it’s important for pet parents to be able to recognize signs of illness. Read on as a local Leesburg, VA veterinarian discusses some of the common signs of sickness in kitties.

Unkempt Fur

Healthy cats are very diligent about grooming themselves each day. If Fluffy isn’t feeling well, she may neglect her fur. If your feline pal’s coat looks matted, greasy, dull, or unkempt, she could be ill.


Your feline pal may want to curl up under the bed for a nap, but she should come out when it’s time for supper. If your cat just doesn’t want to leave her chosen hiding spot, she may be sick.

Litterbox Issues

Watch for changes in the appearance, amount, color, or texture of your pet’s waste. These can all be warning signs. If Fluffy stops using her litterbox, she may be ill. Straining to urinate is another red flag, and can indicate a serious medical emergency.

Changes in Behavior

Kitties all have their own purrsonalities. If you notice your cat acting differently than she usually does, she may be sick. Changes in vocalization, mood, and habits can all be signs of illness. For instance, if your normally quiet-cat starts meowing incessantly, she may not be feeling well.

Lack of Appetite

Fluffy may be a bit finicky at times, but even if she doesn’t like the cat food you just put in her dish, she should still be interested in eating, and may meow to request something different. If your kitty just doesn’t seem interested in food, however, she may be sick. Changes in your cat’s water intake can also be a sign of sickness.


Aggression can also be a sign of illness in cats, especially when the kitty in question is usually sweet. If your feline pal seems unusually cranky, she could be ill.

If your cat shows any of these signs, or just isn’t acting like herself, please call us, your Leesburg, VA animal clinic, right away. Catching and treating a problem early can make a huge difference in your cat’s well-being!