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5 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Shelter Cat

June 1, 2022

It’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! If you’re ready to bring a new kitty into your home, going to a shelter is a purrfect way to go. This not only gives a sad, homeless feline a new lease on life, it also helps the shelter’s other pets. You may also find this to be a very educational –or perhaps, awwducational—experience yourself as well. Read on as a local Leesburg, VA vet lists some things you may find out when you bring Fluffy home.

Every Kitty Is Different

While many of our feline pals do have common likes and dislikes, these charismatic little furballs are all unique. One kitty may want to lick your hair, another might always want to climb everything, and one may be more interested in playing than snuggling. Even if you’ve had cats before, you may be surprised to realize how different your new furry bff is from your previous pets. Enjoy getting to know Fluffy: that’s part of the fun!

Cats Have Opinions

It’s important for you to earn Fluffy’s trust. Don’t try to push or speed up this process. If you try to force attention on her, you may make her wary of you. That’s the last thing you want! Let your kitty decide when it’s time to cuddle. (Don’t be surprised if she’s forceful about it. Our feline overlords definitely all have minds of their own.)

Helping Animals Feels Great

Adopting shelter pets can be a very special experience. Animals know when somebody has helped them, and they tend to be extremely grateful (and loyal to) their saviors. In fact, many people claim that the pets they rescued in fact saved them. The unconditional love we get from our furry friends is truly precious!

Fluffy Is Hilarious

Old cats, young cats, sleek cats, fluffy cats … one thing they all have in common? They are always cute and entertaining to watch. Fluffy has a way of making us smile even when she’s sound asleep.

Cats Make Everything Better

As far as we are concerned, a house just really isn’t a home with at least one purring furball. Fluffy’s cute face, adorable antics, and soothing purrs can brighten up any day. Life is just better with kitties!

Contact us, your Leesburg, VA animal clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!