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What To Do If Your Pet Gets Lost

July 2, 2022
Did you know that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month? This is a very important topic, if not a particularly pleasant one. About one out of every three pets is lost or stolen at some point during their lives. While you can (and should) take steps to prevent this from happening, there’s no way to ever guarantee that Fido or Fluffy won’t bolt out an open door or gate. If that does happen, what you do next can make a huge difference. A Leesburg, VA vet lists the key steps to take below.

Start Looking Immediately

Don’t wait to see if your furry friend comes home. Time is of the essence! Start your search right away. Walk around your neighborhood. Check ditches and wooded lots, just in case your pet is out of sight and hurt.

Check Outbuildings

Pets like to accompany their humans everywhere. They’re also quite nosy! If you have a shed, garage, or other outbuilding, look in there. Check cellars and attics as well. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors, you may want to ask them to look around their place as well.

Visit Shelters

Some shelters may take descriptions and phone numbers, but others have policies against this. We recommend personally checking all shelters within an hour’s drive. Keep going regularly, and don’t give up!

Contact Microchip Company

Microchips can make all the difference here. Many microchip manufacturers offer perks, such as phone trees. This is definitely something you’d want to check into!

Make Flyers

If you have a computer, you can easily create flyers that you can put up in local stores or on posts and post online. Include clear front and side photos of your four-legged friend. Note when and where they were last seen, and add your contact number. We strongly, strongly advise offering a reward. This can really help motivate people to return your furry pal to you!

Check Local Ads

If you have a local paper that prints lost and found ads, it’s worth placing one. You’ll also want to check Craigslist and other sites. Sadly, it’s become common for people to steal pets and try to resell them. This is another reason we suggest getting a microchip: they do hold up in court. As your local Leesburg, VA animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Contact us anytime!