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Fun Facts About Yorkies

August 1, 2023

Today, August 1st, is Yorkie Day! These cute pups are small, but they have big personalities. A local Ashburn, VA vet lists some fun things about these little guys below.

Toto-lly Awesome

Fido may have been the role model for Toto, Dorothy’s canine buddy in The Wizard of Oz. A Cairn Terrier played the iconic pup in the film, but in the original novel, the drawings of that faithful pup is closer to a Yorkie. This may be because the illustrator owned a Yorkie, but there’s no official explanation. 

They’re Portable

Yorkies are one of the breeds often referred to as accessory dogs, as they’re easy to carry around. Many people like to bring their furry friends out and about with them in little carriers.

They’re Good For Apartments

Because they are so small, Yorkies easily pass any weight or size restrictions for renters. They also don’t need a whole lot of exercise. However, Fido can be a bit loud, so there’s that to consider.

They’re Hunters

While most Yorkies these days are lap dogs, the breed was developed for hunting. Your canine pal will love unleashing his inner predator on his toys, so make sure he has lots of fun playthings. 

They Make Adorable Doorbells

Fido isn’t particularly intimidating guard dog, but they will definitely let you know if there’s someone around. (Of course, your furry friend may happily approach a stranger begging for attention, but that’s another topic.)

Fido Has A Nickname

Yorkies are sometimes referred to as Tomboy Toys, and with good reason. These little guys are quite spunky and feisty, despite the fact that they may only weigh about 5 pounds.

Yorkies Have Talent

Hunting and cuddling aren’t Fido’s only skills. Believe it or not, Yorkies are actually quite skilled at agility. They’re also often used in therapy dogs.

They Have Pretty Coats

One of the Yorkie’s most outstanding features is their silky fur. When Fido is all done up, he looks a bit like a silky mop! Your canine companion will need more grooming than other pups, though. That fur is very fine, and is prone to getting tangled. You’ll need to brush your pet frequently. You may also want to take your pooch to the salon for trims. (On the bright side, your four-legged pal won’t shed very much.)

They’re Sensitive

Yorkies are small, but they have big hearts and can be a bit sensitive. It’s very important for any training or discipline to be positive. Never punish Fido for mishaps: focus on rewarding him for behaving properly.

Do you have questions about caring for a Yorkie? Contact us, your local Ashburn, VA pet hospital, today!