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Acheter du CIALIS 20MG | Prix

Cialis Générique €0.98 Acheter maintenant Cialis Original €2.65 Acheter maintenant Cialis Professional €2.21 Acheter maintenant CIALIS est un médicament pour le traitement de la dysfonction érectile (DE) et de l’hypertension artérielle pulmonaire (HTAP). Le mécanisme d’action du médicament CIALIS consiste…

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My Dog is Coughing Up a Storm

Your golden retriever Murray has been coughing like crazy. Murray’s usually a good-humored guy who doesn’t let anything bother him, but right now he seems absolutely miserable. One moment, Murray’s quietly lying on the floor; and then without warning, he…

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Acheter du VIAGRA | Prix

Viagra est un médicament pour le traitement de la dysfonction érectile, qui est actuellement l’un des inhibiteurs les plus efficaces et les plus sûrs de la phosphodiestérase de type 5 (PDE-5). Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) €0.33 Acheter maintenant Brand Viagra…

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The Basics of Puppy Vaccinations

August is Immunization Awareness Month, and all puppies need their vaccinations to live happy, healthy lives. Here, your Lansdowne veterinarian answers some of your most common questions about what your pup needs. How do Vaccinations Work? Vaccines stimulate your dog’s…

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Microchipping Your Pet

If your pet ever gets lost or runs away, your best bet for her safe and quick return is proper identification. Microchips are one of the best ways to do that. Below, a Lansdowne veterinarian answers your questions about this…

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Hot Weather Hazards for Cats and Dogs

The hottest part of the year is upon us. Is your dog or cat ready for the rigors of summer weather? Beware of the following high-temperature hazards as discussed by your Lansdowne veterinarian. Dehydration If your pet spends too much…

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Choosing the Proper Dog Crate

All dogs will need a high-quality crate or carrier. Even if you don’t plan on taking long trips with your dog, a crate will be necessary even for quick veterinary visits and possibly for training purposes. Here, your Lansdowne veterinarian…

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Pet Toxins Already in Your Home

Just about every typical household contains the following items. What you may not be aware of is that these items can cause serious harm to our four-legged companions! Your Lansdowne veterinarian fills you in on the details below. Cleaning Products…

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Fun Ways to Exercise Your Pet Indoors

Sometimes, it’s just easier to stay indoors to have your pet exercise—it may be scorching outside, or raining. Luckily, there are several fun ways to get your pet active while staying inside. Your Lansdowne vet lists a few popular ones…

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