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Summer Treats for Fluffy

With summer just around the corner, many of us are making plans for the next few months. Many of our feline patients’ summer agendas are also filling up … with naps, mostly. Once it gets hot, Fluffy will spend a…

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Swimming Safety For Dogs

With summer coming up, many people are looking forward to hitting pools or beaches on hot days. Many of our canine pals also enjoy the water! Swimming can actually be very good for Fido, as long as your vet doesn’t…

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Easter Hazards for Pets

Easter is just around the corner. Although rabbits may have the spotlight for a few weeks, our other furry pals also need some attention. This can be a dangerous holiday for Fluffy and Fido! Read on as an Ashburn, VA…

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COVID-19 Updates

Dear Valued Friends and Clients, We know you are concerned about the health and well-being of your pet as our public health crisis unfolds. We are monitoring the situation closely and putting procedures in place to provide ongoing care for…

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Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet day was February 20th. While we think pets deserve to feel loved every day, this is a great excuse to show your animal companion some extra TLC. Read on as a Leesburg, VA vet lists some great…

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7 Things Cats Will Never Figure Out

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day was January 22nd! Kitties are known for being curious, so it’s probably safe to say that they would have quite a few questions for us. If your feline friend could list her most pressing queries,…

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Giving Your Cat Treats

Does your kitty have a specific treat that she likes? Maybe Fluffy starts rubbing against your legs when you open a can of tuna, or watches you closely when you’re eating fish or chicken. Treats are fine, and can actually…

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Cold Weather Cat Care

Winter is on the way! Kitties are quite independent, but they do need good care in order to thrive. You’ll want to take some steps to keep Fluffy warm, cozy, and purring this winter. An Ashburn, VA vet discusses winter…

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Tips for Crating Fido

Is your dog crate-trained? If not, you may want to rectify that. While you should never keep Fido crated too long, it can be very beneficial for him to be accustomed to being crated. That way, if he ever has…

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Cute Ways To Spoil A Senior Kitty

Cats are adorable at any age, but they somehow manage to become even more endearing as they grow old. Fluffy will slowly lose interest in knocking everything off your table and pouncing on your toes, and spend her time napping…

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