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Things That Annoy Your Cat

Kitties can be quite opinionated little furballs. While every cat is different, many of our quirky and adorable feline friends share common likes and dislikes, including some very specific pet peeves. Read on as a Leesburg, VA vet lists some…

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4 Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet

Did you know that April is Adopt A Shelter Pet Month? Shelters are full of sweet, lovable pets that desperately need good homes. Many of these wonderful animals are quickly running out of time. If you’re considering adding a new…

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Warning Signs of Illness in Cats

Do you know how to tell if your feline friend isn’t feeling well? Fluffy isn’t always forthcoming about the fact that she is sick. In fact, your cat may very well try to hide symptoms of illness, so you may…

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5 Things That Annoy Your Dog

Fido is part of the family, so it can be easy to forget that he often interprets things differently than people do. Just like people, our canine pals can get annoyed or irritated with their human buddies. An Ashburn, VA…

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Free Pet Dental Check-up in February!

Love your pet? Love your pet’s teeth! Is your pet your true Love? Do you avoid snuggles and kisses due to your pets “monster” breath? Well, not only does February celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also National Pet Oral Health Care…

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Kittenproofing Tips

Are you bringing a new kitten into your home? Congratulations! We love seeing kittens going to great forever homes. As you start out on this wonderful journey of companionship with your new pet, you’re going to have to take a…

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Caring for a Dog with Arthritis

As dogs grow older, they can develop many of the same age-related health issues as people can. One health problem that is very common in our canine friends is arthritis. While larger dogs are somewhat more at risk, any pooch…

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Things Your Cat Wants to Ask You

Did you know that January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? This is one fun occasion we can really get behind! In honor of this feline-friendly holiday, in this article, a Leesburg, VA veterinarian lists some questions your furball…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Fido

Will you be making resolutions on New Year’s Day? Setting personal goals is a great way to help yourself grow throughout the new year. What about Fido? If dogs made resolutions, what would those be? In this article, an Leesburg,…

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